Curtain Cleaning

Restore Your Curtains to Their Pristine Look with Our Professional Curtain Cleaning Service.

Make your curtains look new again by using the professional curtain cleaning services of Always Fresh. Clean curtains and drapes can help lift the ambience and overall mood of any room.

At Always Fresh we understand the positive impact that fresh curtains can have on your home environment. We provide a premium curtain and drape cleaning service that will not only remove the dust, grime, and odours that become ingrained in your curtains over time but eliminate unhealthy dust mites as well.

Using a clean green high pressure steam/vapour cleaning machine, Always Fresh will clean, sanitise and deodorise your curtain fabrics to the very best quality. The high steam machine can generate temperatures of 150°C or more, effectively killing germs and removing mould without having to use chemicals or detergents.

We know that you will be astounded at the end results. All stains and traces of dust, mould and mildew will be easily removed by this safe, gentle method. Always Fresh take every possible step to ensure that your curtains are perfectly cleaned and cared for. We ensure that there’s no shrinkage or loss of colour.

It may be necessary for Always Fresh to take your curtains off premises to clean them. If this is the case, Always Fresh will treat your curtains with due care and rehang your curtains as they were before cleaning.