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If your home includes furniture made of leather, cleaning can be quite a challenge.

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Leather Cleaning Services SydneyIf your home includes furniture made of leather, cleaning can be quite a challenge. In order to avoid major damage over the years and prolong the life of these items, it’s best to understand the major causes of damage and deterioration. Because leather is a specialised fabric, it requires extra care. With professional leather cleaning Sydney in Sydney and a few tips, you can enjoy your leather furniture for many years to come. Whether your leather items are brand new or you’ve had them for several years, proper care will allow you to keep them looking brand new.

Main Causes of Leather Deterioration

Leather Cleaning ServicesFrom rich browns and blacks to bright colours, leather furniture can be any style suitable to any décor. Some of the most common household causes of damage and deterioration to leather furniture include:

  • Oils & Grease—This can include body oils from humans or animals, which is easily transferred upon sitting or touching the furniture.
  • Atmospheric Soils/Dust—Dust, which is going to occur in even the cleanest homes, deposits into the leather, eventually breaking down the material.
  • Common Soils—This could include dirt from the outside and other common soils you come in contact with throughout the day.
  • Dyes & Inks—Dyes or inks from newspaper, magazines, clothing, and other things can break down the leather and cause damage over time.

How to Prevent Deterioration

The best and most effective way of avoiding the breakdown of leather is through and routine leather cleaning Sydney. Because most of these common causes will occur at some point, the only way to keep your leather looking good as new is to hire a team of professionals to clean your items regularly. Always Fresh Carpet offers an array of cleaning services to address many household needs. Contact them today to find out more about leather cleaning in Sydney, carpet cleaning, and many other services you’ll find at Always Fresh.