Water Damage Restoration Sydney

  • Eliminate Mould With Water Damage Restoration Sydney 

The process we use is as follows:

  • We extract all water From Affected Areas Using State of the art Extraction Machines.
  • We spray the affected area with an antimicrobial (anti-mold treatment, stops it from growing).
  • We spray the carpet with anti browning solution so the carpet does not discolor and to maintain its original state.
  • We push the anti browning and antimicrobial into the carpet using a carpet bonnet/Carpet Buffer. Then Deodorize.
  • Depending on the quantity of water, we might use dehumidifiers or a blower to Help Dry the carpet and underlay.
  • Then we do the final clean Includes Deodorizing and sanitizing.

Always Fresh Carpet provides customers in Sydney with Water Damage Restoration Services.

One of the many hidden dangers in your home is the presence of mould. This often hard to spot fungi includes a wide variety of species, each of which present unique dangers. Depending on the type of mould and its quantity, your family could suffer serious health consequences if your home contains mould. Most likely to grow in areas with moisture, you’ll often find various types of mould in bathrooms, around windows, or in areas where flooding has occurred. Whether your home flooded after a storm or you’ve noticed an unusual amount of water in your window wells, Sydney water damage restoration professionals may be your only hope of preventing the growth of some type of mould.

Many homeowners believe they face no risk of mould growth because the home has never flooded. The fact is water damage occurs in almost every home to some extent, making it possible that your home already has the potential for mould growth. Detecting a problem can be challenging, but there are some signs that could indicate the presence of fungi. Some signs that your home may have mould growth include:

  • Windows Misting Over in Winter Months
  • Basement Flooding
  • Unusual Smell
  • Previous Problem With Flooding in the Home

Although you can wipe down areas where you find mould, complete removal is impossible without professional assistance. If you suspect a problem with water damage, restoration is your only hope, you can read more here. Sydney water damage restoration experts will treat the affected areas and completely clean them to prevent further issues. Contact Always Fresh Carpet today for assistance with a large or small water damage issue. Don’t risk exposing your family to mould or other dangerous substances. Let Always Fresh take care of the problem before it starts.