Your Guide to Carpet Steam Cleaning Sydney

Are you tempted by the thought of carpet steam cleaning? Sydney professionals can use this cleaning method to thoroughly clean your carpets and remove the toughest stains and contaminants. But do you know what you’re getting?

Often, the word ‘steam’ is a misnomer. Real steam is a very powerful cleaning agent but you need to be careful with its use. The problem is that the scalding heat of steam is fine for cleaning tough items such as tiles and concrete driveways. However, it can damage both natural and artificial fibres that carpets are made from.

What many people refer to as steam cleaning for carpets is in fact better described as hot water extraction. That’s because hot water rather than steam is forced into the carpets while simultaneously vacuuming it out along with dissolved stains and dislodged contaminants such as dirt, dust and grit.

Sometimes, cleaning agents are added to the water for greater cleaning power. Often these agents are added in low concentrations so there’s less chance of residues remaining in your carpets. This can cause problems by providing dirt with a sticky surface to cling to. Another benefit of no or low chemical agent use is that your carpets are much safer for children and pets to play on.

One problem with hot water extraction is that it’s difficult to remove all the water leaving your carpets prone to mould and fibre rot. Another danger is that lingering moisture can cause discolouration. This is why you should never try to steam clean your carpets yourself.

Commercial extraction machines as used by professional carpet cleaners can effectively remove all moisture quickly. If you want safe and effective carpet steam cleaning, Sydney professionals are equipped to do the job properly.

Another good reason to employ professional carpet cleaners is that reputable operations only use the latest and safest techniques and equipment. The best also specialise in using non-toxic biodegradable cleaning agents that leave your carpets clean, hygienic and safe.

When you want the best carpet steam cleaning Sydney can offer, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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