Wet Carpets: How to Effectively and Efficiently Spot Dry a Small Area

Whether it is water, juice, or some other liquid, we have all tackled the problem of having to spot dry our carpets. When the mess is not big enough to warrant having to hire a professional carpet cleaning service, you can follow these easy steps to spot dry your carpets effectively in the shortest amount of time.

Dry Carpets Sydney: Crucial First Step

Immediately after the spill occurs, spread enough dry towels over the wet area to cover the spill. This simple step is critical to reduce the potential for bacteria to grow while your carpets dry. Next, walk on top of the towels to help facilitate the absorption of liquid. Repeat this step using additional dry towels, as needed.

This alone will not dry most carpets, so it is important that you to continue on to the next step.

Second Step for Dry Carpets in Sydney

Since carpets are bacteria breeding grounds, it is crucial to ensure that you dry them completely once a spill has occurred. So, the next step after completely soaking up the liquid with towels is to vacuum the affected area using a vacuum for wet and dry surfaces. If the spill causes discoloration, you may choose to apply a cleaning product specifically designed for carpets prior to this step. Be sure to vacuum the carpets surface until it is completely dry.

Final Step

Once you have cleaned the spill and determined that your carpet is dry, you will want to get some air flowing around the affected area as a ‘just in case’ measure. By opening the doors and windows, or turning on ceiling or box fans and directing them at the carpets surface, you will be certain to dry out any rising moisture and stop it in its tracks

It will only take a matter of minutes to return your carpets back to their original dry condition, and think of the money you will have saved by doing it yourself!

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