Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney Style

Do you cringe at the thought of tile and grout cleaning? Sydney firms can help with a professional service.

Tiles offer a hardy attractive surface to our kitchens and bathrooms. However, one downside is that can be hard to clean. In kitchens, they tend to accumulate grease and other tough stains, while those in the bathroom are often affected by black mold. The result is unsightly and unhygienic.

Cleaning tiles and the grout between them is an unpleasant task and one you don’t need to do. When you need expert, thorough tile and grout cleaning, Sydney firms are ready to be of service.

Though most tiles are water resistant if sealed properly, grout is porous. This means it can absorb moisture, oil, grease dirt and other pollutants. This not only makes your tiles unsightly but can also make them smell bad. What’s worse is that mould can penetrate down into the grout where it’s hard to eradicate.

Effective tile and grout cleaning requires the right tools. One useful piece of kit is a steam cleaner. A vapour steam cleaner works by blasting jets of scalding hot steam to makes light work of any grease or stains on the tiles or the grout.

Steam cleaners are very eco friendly as they use pure water for cleaning. No need for any chemicals or solvents. And by using jets of steam, you avoid chipping, staining and wearing down the tile surface that traditional cleaning could cause.

To be truly effective in tile and grout cleaning, steam cleaners have to be handled by experts as it’s a tricky task that requires dealing with small sections of tile at a time.

Once done, your tiles will sparkle again though some old stains might be impossible to remove. This makes it all the more important that you have your tiles and grout cleaned regularly before stains have time to become permanent.

If you’re fed up of going down on your hands and knees to scrub tiles and grout, call in a professional service. Costs are modest and you’ll benefit from tile and grout cleaning Sydney style.

When you want effective professional tile and grout cleaning, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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