Sydney Carpet Cleaning – Facts About Your Carpets You Need to Know

Whether they’re newly laid or you’ve owned them for years, your carpets need to be looked after. Read on to discover some key information that will help you take the finest care of your carpets and get the maximum pleasure and value from your investment.

Vacuuming Cleaning Isn’t Enough

You may think that weekly carpet cleaning with a vacuum is all you need to keep them in prime condition. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While vacuuming is important, it can’t get to that soil, grit, sand, fur and other contaminants that work their way deep down into the pile. Once there out of reach, they wear down the fibres of your carpet and shorten its life.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Only Removes Dirt

Your carpets are subject to pollution from all kinds of contaminants including bacteria, air pollution such as car exhaust and cigarette smoke, and all kinds of chemicals. Vacuuming cannot remove these.

Moreover, vacuuming can’t deal effectively with mould, dust mites and other pests that take up residence in your carpets. Other than damaging your carpets, these critters can cause various health problems. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Professional carpet cleaning services have many methods to clean your carpets right down to the roots.

Self Service Costs More in the Long Run

You may think you’re saving a few dollars by not taking advantage of expert carpet cleaning. However, when you consider how many years you lopping off the effective life of your carpets, it’s a foolish economy. Treat your carpets well and they’ll reward you with decades of use as well as looking and smelling good.

All Carpet Cleaning Firms are the Same

Cleaning carpets is a specialised job that demands knowledge of the latest cleaning techniques and of the different types of carpets. Treating a carpet in the wrong way can seriously damage it. So when picking a firm to deal with your carpets, choose only reputable professionals who know what they’re doing.

The fact is that you can always benefit from professional Sydney carpet cleaning services. So get in touch with Always Fresh Carpets today and give your carpets the kind of cleaning they deserve.

When you want best in Sydney carpet cleaning, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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