Flooded Carpets Sydney

Flooded carpets are unhygienic, but its not always true that you’d have to dispose your old flooded carpets & rugs, just because they have dampened. Proper care & cleaning gives a new life to carpets, whether it be dry or flooded carpets. But it is necessary that flooded carpets are handled with Flood Restoration Sydney experts rather than you making an effort to clean them. Restorations for carpets & rugs can be done based on the TYPE of water damage & the condition in which they were recovered. If the flood water has been contaminated by sewage, it is best to discard the carpets, but otherwise, if the carpet has been in the house only for a very little time (less than 24 hrs), flooded carpets can be restored.

Our Flooded Carpets Sydney expert services cater to your requirements at any time, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! Flood Restoration Sydney experts:

  • Pull & remove the water logged carpets & place it on a clean surface
  • Toss padding
  • Remove padding under the carpets & affix new padding if required
  • Our flooded carpet Sydney service include detergent wash if soiled badly
  • Extract logged & excess water
  • Sanitize your carpets for a fresher, cleaner & more hygienic feel
  • team & Pressure wash your flooded & damaged carpets
  • Re- stretching & professional installation is a part of our flood restoration Sydney services.

Using the latest & most advanced tools & techniques, new to the market, we provide Tile and Grout Cleaning Sydney services that are unique & custom tailored to fit your requirements and that too at a very affordable rate! We use a combination of cleaning techniques & procedures, like heat, water pressure, detergents. The surface to be cleaned is first vacuumed & thoroughly cleaned & sanitized. Once the surface has been thoroughly cleaned it can then be treated to help prevent the build up of contamination, grease & grime again. Grout lines are clear or colour sealed.