Rug Cleaning in Sydney: Go Green!

We all want to do our part to be ecofriendly, right down to how we view rug cleaning. Sydney, what can you do to keep that goal in mind when you’re faced with a potential stain? Here are a few simple tricks to use that will leave your rug clean while you stay green.

Red Wine

Yes, red wine, the arch nemesis of every rug. To remove a red wine stain naturally, get it up immediately, of course, but do it by first sprinkling salt over the spill and allowing it to absorb into the stain for about 15 minutes. The salt will turn pink, and once it does, vacuum or brush away the salt. After that, clean the spot with a mixture of 80ml of vinegar and 160ml of water.

Greasy Spills

Sprinkle the area with cornmeal and allow it to absorb for about five minutes. Next, sponge the area with a vinegar and water mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water.

Crayons and Glue

If you have children in the house, this is a great tip. For crayons, dip an old toothbrush directly into undiluted vinegar and scrub the stained area. For glue, you’ll want to sponge in a one part vinegar and one part water mixture. If the stain is really tough, warm up undiluted vinegar and sponge it into the area. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes and then scrape away the glue.

Catsup and Chocolate

These two require the same mixture of one part vinegar and two parts water. Clean them by sponging in the mixture until the stain vanishes. Be very cautious to blot and not rub. This will prevent the stain from spreading further.

When you are faced with the task of rug cleaning, Sydney, look to items you already have in the kitchen. They’re quick, effective, they don’t require a trip to the store, and, best of all, the remedies are natural.

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