Ongoing Daily Maintenance Between Leather Cleaning Services

The task of cleaning your leather furniture should be left to the pros, and luckily there are some reputable leather cleaning services out there to choose from. But, of course, you only want to use professional leather cleaning services for deep cleaning because you can easily handle the day-to-day maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep your leather furniture well maintained between leather cleaning services.

Ongoing Maintenance

This is perhaps the number one thing you can do to extend the time between hiring leather cleaning services for your furniture. By simply vacuuming the surface of the furniture, as well as in between cushions, you will eliminate much of the built up dust and dirt. You will also be able to find any hidden items, such as pens, sharp objects or food that may have gotten lodged between the cushions.

Cleaning Messes

 So, you’ve tried to avoid any spills, but, since you’re only human, it’s happened anyway. Well, all is not lost. Just make sure that you clean it up right away!

Be sure that when you buy the furniture you also invest in quality leather furniture cleaner. Typically, they will include saddle soap and leather dew (a soap/oil combination). If you already have the cleaner you will save time by not having to rush around looking for the best product (and possibly settling for something less).

Now, dampen a cloth (not too wet, as it will leave stains) and dip it into the cleaner. Wipe the cloth over the soiled surface and then rinse the cloth in clean water. Repeat, if necessary.

Rinse the affected area with a clean, damp cloth to remove any lingering debris and soap.

Finally, dry the area using a fresh, dry cloth, buffing it until the leather shines. Do this immediately after cleaning the area to ensure no stains develop.

If the spill has already impacted the furniture’s surface, and you simply can’t get it clean, call professional leather cleaning services immediately.

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