Mistakes in Carpet Cleaning Sydney Homeowners Tend to Make

Do you take good care of your carpets? You may think you do but you may well be making these mistakes in carpet cleaning. Sydney professional firms can provide just the services you need to keep your carpets clean and healthy if you don’t have enough time for the job.

Treat your carpets right and they’ll give you years of excellent service; neglect them and you’ll be buying new carpeting before your know it.

First, let’s check whether or not you’re making these simple mistakes.

Not Cleaning Up Stains Immediately

Waiting too long to deal with carpet stains often results in the stain becoming even harder to eradicate and perhaps even permanent. If the staining liquid makes its way down into the pile or padding of your carpet, it will be virtually impossible for you to deal with. Only experts with advanced steam or dry cleaning systems will be able to handle the problem and get your carpets looking good again.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Agents

Carpets are made from a wide range of materials each of which needs to be treated in a particular way. Applying the wrong cleaning agent to your carpet could result in irreparable damage.

Some cleaning agents contain chemicals such as bleach which can cause permanent discolouration. If you plan to clean up stains yourself, make sure you know the carpet material and the appropriate cleaning agent to use for that particular stain.

Not Getting Regular Professional Cleaning

You may think that the occasional once over with a vacuum is all you need. However, the fact is that carpets are delicate items that need proper looking after.

Getting your carpets thoroughly cleaned at least once a year will clean out the grit, dust and dirt that burrows down deep and attacks the fibres of your carpet.

It’s easy to make mistakes when cleaning your own carpets so getting expert help is a must if you want your carpets to look good and smell fresh for many, many years.

When you want the best carpet cleaning Sydney can provide, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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