High Pressure Cleaning for Total Cleanliness

The next time you spring clean your home, do you want to go the extra mile and really get the place sparkling and hygienic? If so, you’ll need to look into high pressure cleaning. For those times when the stains and discolouration resist regular cleaning methods, high pressure cleaning can be just what you need to get that ‘new home’ look both inside and out.

So how does high pressure cleaning work?

It simply involves using jets of water of extremely high pressure to clean all kinds of surfaces including wood, brick, tile, PVC and concrete. The jets loosen the adhesive properties of the dirt or stain allowing it to be easily washed away. It’s a simple process in the right hands – just direct the trigger gun at the surface to be cleaned and pull the button.

Even the most stubborn stains can’t withstand the high-pressure jets of water and all the dirt, grime and grease that accumulate over the months and years are quickly washed away. They also use far less water than regular hoses.

The powerful jets can work in all angles whether horizontally or vertically which makes pressure cleaners perfect for dealing with those out of the way, hard to reach spots on your roof, for example.

Pressure cleaners come in cold water, hot water and steam models. Steam cleaners use the minimum amount of water. One benefit for the eco conscious is that just plain water can be used and that means no chemicals. However, various detergents can be added to the water if required.

Other than being eco friendly, high pressure cleaning is a very economical solution. It gives your drives, brickwork, pathways, fascia and eaves, and the tiles on your patios and decks a whole new lease of life so there’s no need for costly repaving or resurfacing or replacing tiles.

High pressure cleaning is the smart and thrifty option for all you heavy cleaning jobs. Just remember that high-pressure equipment needs the expert touch so be sure to contact a reputable firm with the best equipment.

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