Facts About Carpet Cleaning Sydney

You watch in slow motion as that tall glass of red wine or ice-cold cup of chocolate milk go crashing off the dining room table and onto your nice off-white carpet. Or maybe you have just some normal wear and tear and dirt that has built up throughout the years. Or even yet maybe you had a large flood and water damage. Whatever the reason, here are some facts on carpet cleaning Sydney homes and businesses.

Whether you are having a large group over for a special occasion like a wedding or a 50th birthday party, or maybe you’re bringing home a new baby, you want your carpets fresh and clean.  Sometimes the carpet doesn’t even look like it is dirty enough to have someone come out and clean them. But some carpets hide the dirt and soil so well that you cannot see it. This can lead to early ware and tear, loss of fibre protection, and even some loss in colour.

Most manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, about every 12 to 18 months. Many companies use a high residual detergent that stays in the carpet long after and actually starts attracting dirt and soil. That is why sometimes you have to keep cleaning them.

Although some think that steam cleaning your carpets is sure to ruin your carpets, if done by the right carpet cleaning Sydney professional it is ok. If done by an untrained and uneducated carpet cleaner you might run the risk of over wetting, creating a variety of different problems for you to have to deal with.

Just remember, never chose a carpet cleaning company based on price alone. Carpet cleaning Sydney homes is never cheap. Most companies will throw out a very low price just to draw you in and once they got you hooked they throw out all these hidden fees and things that will jack the price way up anyway. Carpet cleaning may not be cheap but it will definitely extend the life expectancy of your carpet.

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