Dry Cleaning Carpets Sydney

If you’re looking for a way to get your carpets looking good fast, the answer is dry cleaning carpets. Sydney firms can have your precious floorings look good again quickly and effectively.

How does ‘dry cleaning carpets’ work?

Also known as ‘surface cleaning’, dry cleaning involves applying a biodegradable compound to your carpets, working it into the pile, and then leaving it for while to work its magic on the dirt and other contamination. It’s then brushed or vacuumed out along with all the impurities. The compound often takes the form of a foam that is sprayed on. Other from dirt, dry cleaning also removes bad odours, bacteria and dust mites, leaving your carpets fresh, fragrant and hygienic.

Of course this method of cleaning is not completely ‘dry’ but such small amounts of fluid are used that it’s pretty close. One benefit from this is that your carpets are ready for use almost immediately after dry cleaning. A related benefit is that the quicker the carpet dries, the less chance there is for mould be develop.

If you have wool carpets or rugs, then dry cleaning is especially recommended. The heat of steam cleaners could cause your carpets to fade. Plus, of course, the quick drying reduces the chances of dust mites or mildew taking root. Dry cleaned carpets tend to look fresher longer than those cleaned by other methods.

That said, dry cleaning is the ideal maintenance clean. However steam cleaning is also recommended every so often to clean right down to the roots of the pile. By adhering to a cleaning program that includes both dry and steam cleaning, you’ll be giving your carpets the ideal cleaning regimen.

If you have a business that needs your carpet to be ready for use quickly after cleaning, then you should opt for dry cleaning carpets. Sydney reputable firms can advise you on the best methods to take care in your particular situation and bring expertise, experience and the latest equipment to deal with cleaning your carpets.

When you need dry cleaning carpets Sydney experts Always Fresh Carpets are ready to help. Call us on 1300 388 837 today.

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