Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney: Maintaining Your Investment

Sydney businesses rely on commercial carpet cleaning services to help them convey the visual message of professionalism to potential and existing clients. But, what should you do to maintain that image between carpet cleaning appointments? The answer is surprisingly simple. By following a few easy tips, your business can maintain its professional appearance look longer, and save itself money by extending the life of the carpet.

Welcome Mats

Since you can’t ask your clients to remove their shoes before entering your business, the next best way to reduce floor traffic dirt between cleaning appointments is to place door mats on the outside and inside of each entrance to your business. By providing this double whammy, you will prevent a great deal of dirt from getting onto your carpet in the first place.

Tip: Be sure to keep the mats clean so they can continue to do the job of collecting dirt and bacteria from your visitors’ shoes. In order to add a professional touch, you may want to consider ordering personalized door mats that advertise your company’s name or logo, or perhaps just the office location (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, etc.).


This may seem obvious, but vacuuming your carpet daily (ideally) goes a long way in keeping your carpet from appearing dingy since, in the process of vacuuming, you will pick up the loose dirt before it has a chance to accumulate and bury itself too deeply into the carpet. This task alone will help you extend the time between commercial carpet cleaning Sydney visits.

Of course, be sure to clean up any spills immediately with a carpet stain remover. If you are concerned about which product will work best for you contact your service provider for advice.

Tip: Consider investing in a grooming rake, and use it after each vacuuming to help keep your carpet looking its best.

With minimal effort and time, and by following these simple tips, you can ensure that your carpet stays client-ready between appointments.

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