Carpet Cleaning Sydney – The Menace of Mould

If there’s one enemy of your rugs and carpets you have to take very seriously, it’s mould. Unless you take great care, mould and mildew can grow in damp areas such as deep in the pile of your carpet with very negative consequences. Fortunately, with deep and thorough carpet cleaning, Sydney expert firms can banish mould.

What is Mould?

Mould is a general term for a fungus that thrives in damp environments. It can be black, white, green or other colours and has that unpleasant dank musty spell of airless spaces such as basements.

How Do Your Carpets Get Mouldy?

Damp is a major enemy of your carpets. Not only does moisture damage the fibres itself, it also provides the kind of environment mould loves. One cause of damp is flooding. Others include bad spills that you didn’t dry out completely, or you have leaking pipes or radiators. Once your carpets become damp, mould can start growing very fast.

Why is it So Bad?

Mould can be very damaging to your carpets as it erodes the fibres and the backing that make up their structure. It can be hard to remove so the best option is to use professional carpet cleaning. Sydney expert firms can safely and effectively eradicate mould from deep in your carpets.

It’s important to do this because the presence of mould in your home is also bad for your family’s health. It can lead to irritation of the eyes, nose and throat and also causes various allergic reactions.

As you can see, mould is a real menace both to your carpets and to your home environment. That’s why you need to call in the finest experts in carpet cleaning Sydney has to offer.

Professional cleaners use state of the art extraction machines to ensure all moisture is removed and then spray the whole area with anti-mould agents. They then finish off with deep and thorough sanitising and deodorising treatments to make sure your carpets are clean and fragrant again.

When you want best carpet cleaning Sydney can offer for a home free from mould and mildew, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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