Carpet Cleaning Sydney – Anatomy of a Carpet

Have you ever wondered what’s inside your carpet? Probably not, you just enjoy it as it is. However understanding how a carpet is put together can help you realise when it’s time for professional carpet cleaning. Sydney experts are ready to clean your carpets thoroughly and give them a new lease of life.

Generally, carpets for home and office use are primarily put together using a process known as tufting, though some such as Axminster and Wilton are woven on looms. Tufting involves looping a huge number of fibres through some backing fabric that forms the base of the carpet. Know as primary backing, this is usually made from woven polypropylene. Later, in many cases, a secondary backing is applied. Backings are made from a range of materials and may be protected against stains, static or bacteria.

Virtually all modern carpet fibres are synthetic, mainly nylon, olefin, acrylic and polyester. These fibres are tough, easily cleaned, and, most importantly, resistant to staining.

If you prefer going natural, carpet fibres made from wool, cotton and jute are far healthier as they aren’t treated with chemicals. You do, of course, have to pay for the privilege.

The fibres are of varying lengths and this determines the ‘pile’. The longer the pile, the plusher the carpet, and also how difficult it is to clean as stains and other contaminants such as grit and dust can sink down deep.

A related factor is the density of the carpet. This refers to how tightly the fibres are packed together. The tighter the density, the more durable the carpet. Tight pile also helps keep contaminants out but makes it harder to clean them when they do get in.

As you can see, carpets are built to last and to resist stains. But when you realise the number of things that can damage and stain your carpet, you can understand the level of expertise needed for professional carpet cleaning. Sydney cleaning firms take into account the type and structure of your carpet along with the nature of the stains to formulate an effective cleaning plan.

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