Carpet Cleaning Myths You Need to Know About

How often to you use a Sydney carpet cleaning service? You can do a lot at home to take care of your carpets but every so often they need a professional clean.

Carpets bring such pleasure to our homes. They look good, feel good and make our rooms cosy and livable. If you take good care of them, they’ll give you many, many years of faithful services. But do you really know how to deal with your carpets? Here are some common myths about carpet cleaning that you really should know about.

One popular myth is that cleaning carpets too often damages them. The fact is that the  more often you clean your carpets, the longer they’ll keep looking like new. Your carpets didn’t come cheap so regular cleaning is a smart investment.

Have you heard that your own carpet cleaning machine can take care of your carpets without the need for professional services? These home machines can do a lot but they lack the power to draw stain residue our of the pile. That’s why a regular thorough carpet cleaning is essential.

Another common myth is that you should wait as long as possible after buying a new carpet before cleaning it. The fact is that if you wait too long, the fibres of your carpet may well be damaged permanently. Regular removal of grit, dirt and other impurities from the pile of your carpet is the best way to keep it in peak condition.

You may have heard that steam cleaning encourages mould and shrinkage by introducing moisture into the fibres of your carpet. Professional carpet cleaning services never let this happen. Through the use of water extraction equipment, your Sydney carpet cleaning service will ensure your carpets are throughly dry. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove dust mites and their eggs so it should be a part of your carpet maintenance program.

Believing misconceptions such as the above could result in serious damage to your precious carpets. Now you know the facts, get in touch with your Sydney carpet cleaning service to schedule a thorough cleaning.

When you want just the facts on carpets, call Always Fresh Carpets on 1300 388 837.

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