Carpet Cleaner Sydney – Pet Owners Guide to Carpet Care

If you have pets in your home, you probably need the best carpet cleaner Sydney has to offer. Read on to discover why.

Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives and make our homes into warm and friendly places. However the sad fact is that even the best behaved cats and dogs can be bad for our carpets. Here are some of the ways they can negatively impact your floorings.

Urine and Feces

It takes a while to house train your pets and even then, there can be problems. Any kind of pet excrement is very unpleasant but perhaps cat urine is the most feared among homeowners.

Few things stink as badly as cat urine and it’s the kind of smell that tends to linger if not quickly dealt with. You can try mopping up the excess liquid and using a wet sponge to remove urine from the area. However, only professional cleaning can really get rid of it.


Dander refers to the minute flecks of skin shed by your pets. One danger is that they cause allergies in many people. This dander can accumulate in your carpets and cause problems for a long time unless you deep clean your carpets regularly. Furry animals can also carry allergens in from outside the home where it is deposited in your carpets.


Fleas love soft warm areas whether your pet’s fur or your carpets. They can be very hard to spot. You might see tiny brown or black spots jumping around and you’ll surely feel the itch of their bites. To eradicate them from your home, you can treat your pets for fleas and then have your carpets professionally deep cleaned.

If you have a home with pets, you really have to take excellent care of your carpets. Professional cleaning is vital as many pet stains are tenacious and very damaging for your carpet as well as the atmosphere in your home.

When choosing a firm to clean your carpets, you also need to ensure they employ only green cleaning methods that use no chemicals that could harm your pets.

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