4 Enemies of Your Carpet – And How Sydney Carpet Cleaners Can Help

Your home may seem like a safe and cosy place but for your carpets, many enemies lurk there. Some are simple, ordinary things you would never consider dangerous. But unless you take action, they can wreak havoc on your carpets.


Grit and other types of dirt are carried into our homes on our shoes. When deposited on our carpets, it can work its way deep into the pile and damage the fibres.


The rays of the sun are a boon for us but not for your carpets. Prolonged sunlight can cause fading. Should only one area of your carpet be affected, it can cause uneven fading patterns which are very unsightly.

Pet Urine

Few smells are as difficult to eradicate as animal, especially cat urine. Toilet training your pets is effective but there are still occasional mishaps.


Damp is a number one enemy of your carpets because it results in the growth of mould. Mould and mildew growing deep in your pile can cause many problems.

So what can you do when your carpets are confronted daily by such foes? Here are a few simple solutions:

  • Place mats in your entrances so that everyone wipes their feet before entering your rooms.
  • Vacuum your carpets at least once a week.
  • Try to keep your carpets out of direct sunlight. If this is not possible, rotate them regularly to even out the fading.
  • Make sure your carpets stay dry. Check for leaking radiators, for example. If a lot of liquid is spilt, call in a professional firm to ensure they’re completely dried out.
  • Should stains occur, take action immediately. Use natural solutions such as white vinegar or commercial preparations. The important thing is to act fast. However in many cases, you’ll need the help of a professional carpet cleaner. Sydney experts are standing by to help you restore your carpets so that they look like new.

In any event, have your carpets professionally cleaned at last four times a year. By doing this you’ll extend their life and ensure your home is a clean and healthy place to live.

When you want a professional carpet cleaner, Sydney based Always Fresh Carpets is waiting for your call on 1300 388 837.

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