Roller Shutters

Protect Your House with the Right Shutters

When people think about insulation, they typically think about the attic full of pink fibreglass and the insulation in the walls. That’s only part of the problem. As long as your doors are closed, your windows are allowing the most heat to escape. In many homes, windows are allowing as much as 40% of the heat or cool air to transfer. They are called thermal bridges; thermal bridges are places in your house that allow heat to transfer from one place to another. If these thermal bridges are inside your home, such as uninsulated interior walls, they make it a little bit harder to heat or cool individual rooms. If these bridges are on the exterior, they make it much harder to heat or cool your house. During the summer, thermal bridges allow outside heat into your house. During the winter, they allow interior heat to escape, making it harder to heat your home.

You also have to account for the damage that open windows can do to your house itself. They’re not only a danger to your wallet.

Sun Damage and Storm Damage

Your windows are a serious vulnerability in case of a storm. If anything is blown into the side of your house, like a tree branch or other debris, it will likely hit harmlessly against your walls. However, if it hits a window, it could break the window. You’ll then have broken glass and debris inside your house, and there will be a big opening on the side of your house while the storm is still going on. Companies selling roller shutters in Melbourne can fit your windows with protective shutters that help keep you safe in case of bad weather. Shutters aren’t only useful during a storm, though. Unlike curtains and blinds, which still allow some light to enter, shutters can block all light from the outside.

This is good because sunlight contains ultraviolet radiation. These are the same rays that damage your eyes and your skin. They can also damage your upholstery. The carpet underneath windows is especially susceptible to damage from the harsh sun. Your leather upholstery can become dry and cracked because of the sun as well. Your best bet is to shutter your windows to keep the sun out, especially if it’s a window in a room you’re not in. If you already have damage to your carpet, you should look into professionals who will clean and protect your carpet to prevent further damage.

Damage to Your Bank Account

Shutters can protect you from the sun heating up your house. Heat from the sunlight can raise your cooling costs by as much as 40%. Sunlight raises the temperature in each room by a few degrees, but even more than that, the sun is relentless. It shines constantly throughout the day, so your air conditioner has to run constantly to combat it. That gets very expensive very quickly. If you install some shutters, you’ll be able to cut your costs by about 40%. When paired with the savings from not having to replace your carpet, you could save thousands.