Carpet care: Things to know

A carpet is not only an expensive item, it needs to be cleaned correctly. Some think that a quick vacuum now and then is all a carpet needs, however this isn’t enough. Unlike a tiled or concrete surface, a carpet cannot be wiped, allowing dust, dirt, and even insects to accumulate.


Carpet composition

The treatment of a carpet depends on the carpet composition. Here are some popular materials used for carpets and rugs,

Ø  Wool

Ø  Polyester

Ø  Nylon

Ø  Acrylic

Ø  Polypropylene


This is a broad range, with some small variations in composite mixtures.


Steam cleaning carpets

Hot water extraction is the technical term for this procedure, and it involves applying hot water with added cleaning chemicals, onto the carpet surface. Most reputable carpet manufacturers will recommend hot water extraction for their products. As the layer of hot water is applied, it is simultaneously vacuumed up, removing all dirt and residue from the carpet. Carpets are expensive items and steam cleaning can cause irreparable damage to the fibre, so it is best left to the experts. Fitted carpets are wall to wall, so a washing machine would have to be temporarily relocated. There are some good plumbers in Melbourne who can complete this task with minimum fuss, replacing it after the steam clean.


Stain removal

Accidents happen and stains are a part of carpet care. Rubbing the stain will only make things worse, as this pushes the substance into the pile, and coats the individual fibres, making removal much harder. If the stain is caused by an oil-based substance, a suitable detergent should be used. Apply liberally onto some strong tissue, then gently place it over the stain, pushing down with the palm of your hand. Leave it for a few minutes, this allows the tissue to absorb the substance, after it is broken down by the detergent. Soapy water is also effective at removing food or coffee stains, again it should be gently applied, with a soft, circular rubbing over the affected area. Once done, it should be left to dry before a vacuum clean.


Stain solutions

There are commercial, spot removing products that are specific to the stain substance. Hydrogen peroxide is recommended for coffee, food, chocolate and soft drink stains. The solution should be applied several times, then rinsed with soapy water. Alkaline stains, such as beer, or pet urine, require white vinegar and warm water, of equal proportion. Acidic stains from ketchup, or water-based paint, can be best removed by a small amount of ammonia, mixed with warm water. Never use ammonia on wool carpet, as it can destroy the fibre.


Water leaks

This is perhaps the biggest threat to a carpet or rug. Should your kitchen spring a leak, think about contacting plumbers in Melbourne, who can attend to this quickly and efficiently. Remember to turn off the water at the mains, as soon as you can, which will limit the damage.


Carpet care has never been easier, with the right cleaner or remover, stains can be safely removed and carpet fibre protected by regular deep cleaning.