24 Hour Flood Restoration

A natural disaster can strike at any time. Torrential rains, wind, and other damaging forces can leave your home in disarray.

The process we use is as follows:

  • We extract all water From Affected Areas Using State of the art Extraction Machines.
  • We spray the affected area with an antimicrobial (anti-mold treatment, stops it from growing).
  • We spray the carpet with anti browning solution so the carpet does not discolor and to maintain its original state.
  • We push the anti browning and antimicrobial into the carpet using a carpet bonnet/Carpet Buffer. Then Deodorize.
  • Depending on the quantity of water, we might use dehumidifiers or a blower to Help Dry the carpet and underlay.
  • Then we do the final clean Includes Deodorizing and sanitizing.

The Importance of Water Extraction in Sydney Flood Restoration!

A natural disaster can strike at any time. Torrential rains, wind, and other damaging forces can leave your home in disarray and devastation, making it difficult to pick up the pieces. In many storms, flooding occurs in low lying areas or throughout the entire home, which can leave furniture ruined, carpeting soaked, and your family without a place to call home. Before you give up, contact Always Fresh Carpet and discover the most effective approach to Flood Restoration Sydney. With this team of professionals hard at work for you, your home will be like new in no time. From beginning to end, you can count on Always Fresh.

The Always Fresh Sydney Flood Restoration process begins with water extraction. Without thorough and proper extraction, it will be impossible to return your home to a safe and dry state for your family. The water extraction process must address the deepest layers of the carpet and below the surface, you can learn more here. The only way to prevent future mould or bacteria problems is by hiring the best Sydney flood restoration team to take care of water extraction the right way. Using state of the are extraction machines, the Always Fresh team will completely remove water so a complete cleaning and disinfecting service can be performed.

After water extraction, the Always Fresh Carpet team will treat the area with anti-microbial sprays, which will prevent mould from growing. Mould, which is the most common after effect from flooding, is hazardous to your family. Following anti-mould treatments, deodorizing and sanitizing will be performed throughout the home. With Always Fresh hard at work for you, the results will be astonishing. From beginning to end, you can rely on Always Fresh for the best Flood Restoration Sydney services and Carpet Flood Restoration. You’ll also find emergency services to address urgent flood treatment needs.